About Us

CFIF is an independent media agency that brings public grievances, illegal/anti-national activities to the notice of government, Administration, police, judiciary autonomous bodies and impartial social organizations and besides this, it also cooperates with government of india in its welfare activities, as it believes that cooperation of media and public with government is the key to social, economic and political progress of any county. Read More
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We Need You

We invite you to visit us or attend our events. Our member are more than happy to answer any organization and joining procedure.

Become a Crime Reporter, Detective or Investigative Journalist

If you are looking for a career in media or want to become a detective, undercover, or crime reporter and investigative journalist like to do something about your country, then contact CFIF where you can do so many things at one time. If you have experience and ideas, CFIF will make it happy for you.

Do the Intelligence or Journalism Course

CFIF has started courses on detective /intelligence skills and journalism, in which various techniques .i.e. writing report /story, collecting information, investigation, etc. will be taught, it will not only help you grooming yourself as detective/ journalist, but also provides you various career opportunities courses are also available on part time/ correspondence basis so that you can continue you study while earning. After successful completion of you course. You will receive a CFIF certificate in official seminar. In your course period form time, you will be able to place the problems of people before various government authorities and politicians.

Special Offer for Media Representatives

If you are already a journalist, then you may join CFIF’s special Division , MEDIA FORCE, in which you may groom your career as a journalist. You will also acquire necessary courage to tackle various challenges/ problems attached with journalism. Besides this, you will be given due security and honour as media force representative and also an noble opportunity to organize media may be strengthened to keep vigil on various government organizations responsible towards public.

Offer for Working in Delhi Time’s News

Any person who is willing to serve the nation & society , may join Delhi times where besides getting an opportunity to groom his career, he will also be able to serve the needy & downtrodden people . For details please contact the head office.