About Us

CFIF is an independent media agency that brings public grievances, illegal/anti-national activities to the notice of government, Administration, police, judiciary autonomous bodies and impartial social organizations and besides this, it also cooperates with government of india in its welfare activities, as it believes that cooperation of media and public with government is the key to social, economic and political progress of any county. CFIF is comprehensive news agency that provides various sensational/criminal news to print and electronic media. CFIF is an organisation of public journalism which provides the public a platform to raise its voice against crime, corruption, injustice, terrorism, social and national evils effectively by the powerful mode of journalism.

CFIF is a part of media that will play an important role in national awakening in the coming future. For this purpose, various newspaper and news channels are cooperating with us. CFIF is strong intelligence media network that provides vital/secret news of social and national importance to various security and intelligence agencies and also ministry of home affairs and hon’ble president of India.


  • Ministry of Home Affairs Government of India.
  • Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)
  • National Legal Service Authority, Government of India.
  • Directorate General of Civil Defense, Government of India.
  • National Human Right Commission New Delhi.
  • Central Information Commission New Delhi.
  • Central Vigilance commission of India.

Have you got any information regarding any type of injustice or anti-social / anti-national activity going on in your area ? You want to take powerful action to remove it so Please send them to CFIF branch or you can mail them at info@crimefreeindiaforce.com


CFIF under its strength, is having various teams of efficient, dedicated and patriotic workers spreading all over the country who are the expert of security and intelligence matters. Each and every member of our Organisation is, undoubtedly, a remarkable one. Believe us, We work for you.