CFIF working against all type of Crime and Corruption to make our Society Care free and safe. CFIF is a Anti-Crime workers Organization who are devoted or dedicated to do Something respected work for their own Country to make Crime and Corruption free platform for the Coming Generation in the near future. We take urgent step & Investigation for Crime Corruption, Human Right Protection, Child Labour, Woman Protection, Bonded labour all Illegal works under Indian Penal Act.We Provide Crime Information to honourable president, prime minister, Home minister, chief minister, chief Justice, lok sabha president, Supreme Court, High Court, Income Tax Department, Vigilance Department, Crime Branch C.B.I. Raw, I.B, C.I.D, Print Media, Electronic Media, Senior Journalist, Police and its administration etc.

We proved Secrete Informants for taken fake Currency, Narcotics, Drugs, Antics, Illegal, Post Tickets, Stamp Paper and Illegal weapons to C.B.I. Vigilance, Crime Branch. Home Ministry, Ministry of Defence, State and Central Government, Local Police and its and Administration Officers.

To take urgent step for Anti-Corruption Investigation. To take urgent step to remove the difficulties, if rises during the process. To Inculcate the Investors of our country the spirit of lawman ship, the Solidarity, the honesty, the sincerity, and the truth in the interest of their profession. To help local, national and even international law enforcements officials in their constant effort to curtail the activities of crime syndicate, rockets, organized gangs, smugglers and law breaking in general.

  • • To protection of Human Rights of the Dalit, Women, and Disadvantaged sections of the society.
  • • Social balance in society can be restored with the spread of education, socio-legal awareness, and provision of equal employment opportunities to all.
  • • To rehabilitation and promotion of self employment to the people living below poverty line, women, youths, old care and work for there protection with the support of national women commission, HRD ministry, social welfare ministry of Govt., international agencies and NGOs.
  • • To provide assistance on human rights specially belonging to SC/ST, women, children, disabled persons, widows and people living below poverty line.
  • • To educate the children having disabilities and help them provide with the confidence to become self dependent by giving training courses for self-employment.

Crime Free India Force (CFIF) is a reputed intelligence workers organization in India. In the post it was tasked with all intelligence but in recent times it has focused on internal security. The CFIF is national basic intelligence worker’s organization. Who are you dedicated to do some they respected intelligence work for there own country to make crime free Platform for citizen of India.

We Proved secrete information for fake currency, narcotics, Drugs. Antics, Illegal Post, Stamp paper and Weapons to CBI, Vigilance, Crime Branch, Home ministry, Ministry of defence, Central And state Government, Local Police and its administration.

Take urgent Action Against child labor, children relation education, children care and education, Corporal Punishment, Juvenile Justice, Railway Children, Children without parental care, children without Parent HIV/AIDS, Children with Disability, Internally Displaced Children, Girl Child, Offences Against Children, Child Right and Panchayats Other Activities with Support of National Commission for Protection of child Right, National Human Right Commission, Ministry of Labor, Employment, Central Government and State Government, National Local Administrative and Police Officers.

  • • Imparting Education and training to economically Backward and deserving Students without any Destination of Caste, Colour or Creed.
  • • Establishment and Support of Fellowship, Scholarship and Prizes for enhancement of education and training.
  • Grant of Medical help to the Poor and grant of Medical help to deserving person during epidemic famine, flood, earth, Quake or any unforeseen Calamity or war like Operations.
  • • To provide assistance on human rights specially belonging to SC/ST, women, children, disabled persons, widows and people living below poverty line.
  • • To help to widows the needy, the orphans the old destitute and the in Capacitate, Handicapped in the form of Monetary assistance, Medical aid, Scholarship for Education.